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what is tomocoin

Similar to Etherscan, but with additional enhancements, TomoScan provides transparent on-chain analytics displaying technical visualizations of network activity. Candidates are eligible to become TomoChain Masternodes when they rank among the top 150 candidates voted for each epoch. TomoChain Masternodes can also resign and the 30-day lock-up period still applies. Furthermore, the rewards received by Masternodes are proportional to the amount of signatures they sign. Steve has been writing for the financial markets for the past 7 years and during that time has developed a growing passion for cryptocurrencies. The recovery in the value of the TOMO token is also impressive when you consider that the 2019 rally so far has been primarily a Bitcoin rally, and many altcoins have struggled to keep up.

  • TomoChain is a project that seeks to implement the idea of creating an Internet of values, an infrastructure with decentralized instruments and financial services.
  • If they can crack the wallet and bridge the gap of crypto fan boys to everyday users and launch a high performing platform capable of housing dApps, this project will be a well known name in the crypto space very quickly.
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  • If the masternode is inactive, or constantly dropping off the network, it is soon be replaced by a more stable and reliable masternode.
  • This can give you a direct indication of code commits and hence development.
  • TomoChain plans to support horizontal scaling via adding more second layer blockchains integrated with Ethereum for backup and atomic cross-chain transfer.
  • Tomo application approaches this goal by focusing on building a Q&A social site in which a network of contributors are answering questions and creating valuable content.

ICO Drops is an independent ICO (Token Sale) database and is not affiliated with any ICO project or company. Our Interest Level does not constitute financial or investment advice. Blocks created by a Masternode, must be verified by another randomly chosen Masternode, this double verification considerably strengthens network security. The app is also going to be rebranded and everyone will have their own wallet when creating an account on the app for ease of integration.

And the partners and investors…

Thirdly, it will be used for long term decentralized governence of the Tomo network (voting for, hard-forks, masternodes and economic policies). And finally, it will be use for native payment method within Tomo application and other third-party services. Scalability covers a number of related issues which include network congestion, long wait time for transaction validation, and the high transaction fees that come along with these issues. Interoperability refers to the ability for Ethereum to link with other blockchains to provide cross chain interaction.

  • With the Reward Engine, Tomo application users will have a built-in economic incentive to create valuable content that will help “bootstrap” the social network’s knowledge base until a network effect kicks in.
  • Besides attempting to solve the known scalability issues with the Ethereum blockchain, TomoChain is also aiming to solve interoperability issues as well.
  • In the future TomoCoins will be rewarded to users via the Reward Engine’s Proof of Contribution.
  • The real success for this blockchain will be when they implement sharding.
  • Compare that with Visa or Mastercard, where up to 6,000 transactions per second is doable.
  • TomoChain Masternodes are full-nodes that play a crucial role in the TomoChain ecosystem by creating, verifying, and validating newly-generated blocks.

TomoChain uses a maximum of 150 masternodes and these 150 masternodes use POSV to reach consensus. There are a number of requirements that go into running a TomoChain masternode. Additionally, TomoChain can already reach 2,000 transactions per second and when sharding what is tomocoin is introduced that should increase to at least 20,000 transactions per second. After those first two years, the block reward will be split between the masternode owner (40%), all those who voted for the masternode (50%) and the TomoChain Foundation (10%).

What is TOMO Used For?

This can give you a direct indication of code commits and hence development. If ever there was an issue on Hotbit, liquidity would sink dramatically. TOMO is listed on a handful of exchanges, with by far the greatest volume trading on Hotbit. In addition to the founding group, there is a dedicated, talented and experienced group of developers who have made the project a success so far. Next is Son Nguyen, the CTO of the project and an experienced and accomplished technical leader, former Director of Engineering, founder of the Blockchain Developer group with more than 800 active members.

TOMO is the heart of the TomoChain ecosystem, facilitating decentralized governance of the platform. From the launch of the public sale, TOMO increased in value before peaking at $2.09 in April 2018 according to CoinGecko. The coin bottomed out in March 2020 lower than its ICO price at $0.19. However, in 2021 the TOMO coin has gone from strength to strength, smashing its previous all-time-high, sitting at around $3.31 at the time of writing. The TomoChain blockchain is secured by a highly Decentralized and Incentivizing network of masternodes.

What is TomoCoin (TMC)?

The TomoChain team consists of 30 members and most are located in Singapore, although the project also keeps offices in Vietnam and Japan. The CEO of TomoChain is Long Vuong, and in addition to being one of the founders at TomoChain, he was also previously the project lead of the successful NEM blockchain project. The switch to masternodes made TOMO a mintable currency rather than a minable currency. The masternodes, of which there are currently 150, are used to create and verify blocks and are compensated for doing so with minted TOMO.

what is tomocoin

Tomochain opts to use Proof of Authority and build nodes in multiple locations to make sure the database is in a highly secure, immutable state. Tomoapp will be the first application utilizing this blockchain infrastructure which later on will be offered to other companies for token issuance and integrations. The Tomo application will be the first consumer application utilizing TomoChain blockchain infrastructure. Tomo application aims to build a new decentralized social network with a built-in cryptocurrency. In this social network, each contributor role is highlighted and rewarded; user privacy is respected and micropayments are easy, cheap and fast. Tomo application approaches this goal by focusing on building a Q&A social site in which a network of contributors are answering questions and creating valuable content.

Duplicate threads may be deleted at the discretion of the moderators. I had a play around with the wallet which is currently running on their testnet. I was quite impressed with how quick and easy it was to get up and running.